Monday, May 19, 2014

Pender Nebr.... Blue OX

The Blue OX has an excellent tow hitch that we wanted the factory to apply to the Black Knight (F150). How this fabulous factory ended up in Pender Nebr. is unknown to us. Dad and Linda came and stayed 1 night, and Jacob stayed the next night. We initially planned to drive to Indiana to have the braking system put on the Black Knight; but after realizing the time and energy it takes to move Camelot down the road, we decided to go to Pender Nebraska and have the Blue OX factory put there hitch (Blue OX) and braking system on. (it's call the Patriot).
We are happy with both systems.

We were fortunate, as the storms were moving in.... there was a tornado the night that Dad and Linda stayed with us. Steve and I slept on the sofa bed and we are happy to report that it is very comfortable.
The night that Jacob stayed with us was super windy, so we pulled the sides in... Jacob was a trouper and slept on the sofa instead on the sofa bed... He said it was comfortable . 
Jacob will be finished with his Bachelor's Degree from Univ of Nebr in Lincoln in Dec 2014 - then he plans to move to Florida with his Dad (Eric)

Dad and Linda

the Blue OX factory had a nice RV park
We met George and Marilyn from Pensacola Florida - there 2 children live near West Palm Beach, so we'll look them up when we are in Florida this winter. We all went to Emerson to the Casino to eat.

Black Knight and Camelot

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