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Journey from Pender Ne to Seattle May 2014

Nebr to Seattle May May 16 - May 31, 2014
9 travel days; 14 days at Campgrounds
We decided to take our time getting to Seattle, and have easy travel days - putting in  160 - 260 miles per day; knowing that we had enough time to get to Seattle for Chris & April's wedding on June 1st.

 Travels from Pender Nebraska to Mitchell SD
We left Pender around 10 AM, it is taking us less time to get Camelot (RV) ready; and the hook up for the Blue OX (braking and towing system is fairly easy - takes 10 - 15 minutes)  The check list to get Camelot ready is 3 pages long, and initially took us 2 hours (making sure everything is locked, put away, water, electric, sewer hoses put away, cable unhooked, jacks are up, slides are in and etc); now we are down to about an hour to get ready to leave a campsite

We stopped in Sioux Falls and picked up our mail at the mail forwarding place.... they forward our mail to wherever we are; and this is working quite nicely.
Where our mail lives...

On the road again..Near Mitchell SD.

Visited The Corn Palace -- Mitchell SD
The original one was built in 1892, then rebuilt in 1905 and 1921. the outside is re-done every year.

The outside is made of corn, corn stocks or other parts of corn...




"Friends" we meet along the way... 

2 Indians hanging out near The Corn Palace

Meet my buddy the petrified Cowboy
Now that's an ear of corn !!
Who thinks of putting such items along the interstate?? 

Famil-E-Fun RV Camp site -- near Mitchell.  We only stayed 1 night, so we did not put the sides out.
Jerry and Sharon own this RV Park - very nice people and a clean park. We would choose to come back here. The lots are gravel; but well maintained with gravel

Next Stop:  Wall SD -- 
we stayed 4 nights at
Sleepy Hollow RV Park (Darrell & Evetta)

Beautiful skies, wide open spaces...Picture taken east of Wall SD

Sunset from Sleepy Hollow Campground. This was a smaller campsite. This area has received lots of snow and rain, so the ground was rather wet. The farmers had not started planting yet. Darrell and Evett purchased this campsite about a year ago. Darrell gave us some heavy duty pads to put under our jacks, as the ground was very soft. I would come back, as the sites were wide, with picnic tables; and friendly owners.D
When Steve & I were younger our parents vacationed in SD, and a visit to Wall Drug was a necessity. The store has expanded, of course - Almost anything you would want / need could be found here ... we had ice cream

some items we saw at Wall Drug

wooden Motor Cycle for our relatives / friends who ride
I'm not just a fan

Cooelophysis fossil  found near Wall
This Cowboy is more interested in his shot glass...

"Show girl" and Steve
There were lots of statues and fabulous paintings throughout Wall Drug, worth millions of dollars
Poker & Guns = Wild West
And T-Rex Roars every 15 minutes
Badlands Scenic Drive

We took the Sage Creek Road and saw many Buffalo, plus the Prairie Dog Ranch (tons of Prairie holes with the P.Dog standing and running around --

A drive to Rapid City (50 miles from Wall SD), then Sturgis, then Spearfish, we took the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway -- gorgeous drive
Spearfish Canyon

When Steve was young, his family camped every year at Hanna Campground, located in Ice Box Canyon, which is on the south end of Spearfish Canyon Scenic Drive.

This is the site where Steve and family camped every year during the summers.  Steve has fond memories of exploring the forest and river.



Mount Rushmore !!!!

Next stop: Buffalo WY -- a lovely Cowboy town - stayed at
Deer Park Campground ---  I would stay here again -- close to town, well maintained gravel sites. There was still snow on the mountains; and the trees are staring to fill out with leaves. We want to come back to Buffalo - the Hole in the Wall is near here. We'll come back in warmer weather. The temps are warmer (it was in the high 30's in Pender.... now highs of 70 here).

  a couple of pics of the inside of Camelot

We enjoyed going through the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum - Jim was a pharmacist ("Medicine Man") who was very instrumental in positive relationships with the Indians that lived near Buffalo. He acquired many historical items that are displayed in this museum. There were stories about Dull Knife Battlefield, the outlaws of the Hole in the Wall, the Johnson county War and the dealings between the  Homesteaders and The Cattleman's Association;  along with the Tom Horn story - he was a cowboy who was know to be a "sharp shooter" and killed many. 

We visited the Saloon where Butch and The Kid use to hang out.

We stopped at the Occidental Saloon - Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid's other hang out, besides The Hole in The Wall

Below are a few pics of the lobby of the Hotel and The Virginian Restaurant.

Good Coffee and an excellent Steak - what more could a Cowboy want !!
We stayed at Yellowstone River Campground -- the lots were really close together, and fortunately there was no one next to us. We kept the sides in, as we will only stay here one night. 

The River was beautiful with the huge rock next to it...........

Next stop Bozeman, Mt. - Sunrise Campground
Mountain range near Bozeman, Mt.

Cool statue of a Bear -- also found
The Tin Man at Sunrise Campground - an older park, with several long term residents.. lots were level; but tough to get the gray/black water to drain.....  Mary Jo and Dave - very nice couple who own the park

We stayed here for 3 days, due to the fact that Steve was not feeling well, the weather was nice 70; and we both relaxed, and were able to get all of the warranties entered on-line -- I thought I was finished with creating folders -- ended up with 50 folders to hold all the instructions
booklets for Camelot....

 I took 
Pics from hike in Bozeman:

Butte Mt. Near the Continental Divide

Missoula KOA camp - very nice park

We Drove to Hamilton (30 miles from Missoula) - our good friends Patty & Rick will be moving here later this year.. they are remodeling the family home -- total remodel
Major remodel in progress - Patty / Rick's Home

View from Patty & Rick's front yard

Mountains near Hamilton
Bitterroot River - along Hyw 93 going into Hamilton - at peak levels with flood warnings
 Our next destination - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Heading to Coeur d'Alene along the Spokane River
 Blackwell Island RV Park,  Coeur d'Alene, ID  - lovely park next to the Spokane River  -- 
we were greeted by Ducks

Arrived in Gig Harbor May 31, 2014

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