Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gig Harbor Wa. (near Seattle) June 1, 2014 - Sept 14, 2014 plus trip to Iowa and Florida

 Arrived at Gig Harbor RV Park May 31, 2014

Steve and Bette saying -- thanks for visiting this Post on our Blog...
  This post ended up to be rather long  ,  here's the scoop - Pics in Gig Harbor, June 1st wedding, Bette's Trip to Iowa & Florida, pics of friends and our adventures while in the Seattle area

Our Neighbors at the Gig Harbor RV Resort
Dennis and Jackie

Pics of Gig Harbor -- 

Steve, Jenn (Steve's sister) and Maggie at our Gig Harbor site

We arrived in the Seattle area just in time for::::

Christopher and April's wedding June 1, 2014

Chris and April

The ceremony

The Happy Couple !!

Ann, April, Chris

Sweet !!
Jackie and Ben

The whole gang

Dancing....... into their new life together..............

Hiking the Cushman Trail in Gig Harbor

Steve -- enjoying the Morning newspaper
Steve's BD 6/18-- photos 

 Nephew Ben, & the Birthday Boy
Steve and Sister Ann

Enjoying retirement .... Steve's Birthday out to eat at a
local Gig Harbor restaurant


Visit with Family and
Friends in Iowa
Dad, Allison, George, & girls: Irelynn, Luxley,  Sister Lori and her husband Tom

Linda -

Steve's Step Mom
--stitching --

Steve's Dad
--relaxing --

 Jacob is finishing his last year at University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He's busy this summer with his intership: developing a wellness program for a major company in Lincoln, plus working for his Uncle Will.

 Cousin Ed, Dad, Aunt Micky
Friends left to right.....
Bill, Megan, Katie, Susie, Bette, Katie, Dad

 Susie and Bette

Bette & Zane fly to see Eric -- sunny Florida !!


How to



 At the Mall with Grandma...

Eric & Zane went to Universal &
Bette stayed at Eric's with Harley

Deep Sea Fishing....Zane caught a Yellow Tail Snapper

Bette caught a 13 # King Mackerel

 Eric caught a couple fish that were not eatable...they were fun to catch
(Bonita and Shark sucker)

Fun in Eric's pool.....

Anne, Eric & Zane


Friends / Family in the Seattle area
Steffany & Lyman

Larry and Kathy

 Roxie, Michael (nephew) Colin, Aidan Issac

Don and Jodi -- Thanks for the ride on your boat on Lake Tapps

 Michele and Bette at Salty's 

Jim and Diane - in Olympia

Sheila and Bette - Narrow's Bridge in the background

Maggie !!  Looking good after all she 
has been through - HANG in there Girl

Joe and His Mom - Gloria

 Alicia - still taking care of the office !! 
Julie -- out hiking -- Wish you and I would have planned a hike together..  Perhaps next year!!
Julie, James, Lana, Ann L (not pictured)
--- thanks for visiting us in Gig Harbor!!

 Bette and Hoxie
 Pat with Bette and Hoxie

The Gang - Steve , Bette, Chris, Bob, Nancy - Dave is missing..............

Michele, Karen, Kathy, Bette

Hike near Seabeck WA

We are now "Bikers"
Took a ride from the Cushman Trail across the Narrows Bridge 

- check out the view of Mt. Rainier !!!!

More Hikes

E. Chirico Trail near Issaquah Wa.
- at the top is Poo Poo Point - where many Jump off the top - Paragliding that is....
3.8 miles round trip with a gain of 1760 ft.

One gets a great view of Mt Rainer near to top of Poo Poo

Another Hike...

Mt Si 
 8 miles round trip, Elevation gain 3150 feet

At the top of Mt Si

 Thanks Nancy for going with me and your encouragement !!!!

Grand view Forest Trail in Gig Harbor
nice Sunday stroll !!

11 mile hike - in Sequim Wa. - 
The Dungeness Spit



We (Nancy, Chris and I) recommend this hike - best to do so at low tide,as it makes walking on softer sand, instead on the rocks .
We stayed at a sweet B&B -  Rooster Hill Short Stay (use to be a B&B) in Port Angles.We also did some biking - Chris & I along the water and Nancy - Our Champion biked up Hurricane Ridge
5 mile hike in the Olympic Forest..

Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert - we also attended
Nickel Creek concert this summer -----  Fun times!!

Ann and Joe stopped by the day before we left for Iowa....   thanks for everything !!

Lake Washington - we will miss you --
and all our dear friends!!!

Sunset in Seattle Washington


  1. I just looked at all the pictures. What an adventure you are having!!! That is some RV! The building made of corn is amazing. I tried to reach you both by email after the retirement party but I think the email addresses I have don't work anymore. I'm going to go ahead and write here in hopes you get it. I want you to know I had a wonderful time at the party and I'm so glad that the two of you are giving yourself the gift of doing this journey. I appreciate that you are writing the blog so we can follow along. I also wanted you to know that I also started a blog. And interestingly enough the post I wrote yesterday was called "My Spirit Led Journey". I think that is what you are doing too. The blog address is http://livinglearningandlettinggo.wordpress.com/ if the two of you would like to take a look!

  2. Hey Bette and Steve, great pictures, what an excellent adventure you guys are having,you have this retirement stuff figured out!