Friday, April 25, 2014

Travels to Buy our RV in Texas

Dad was with us on our travels from Loxahatchee Florida (Eric's Home) to Texas. We left on April 28, 2014 headed north and across the northern part of Florida to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, then Texas. Dad was an excellent passenger as we did not have much time for site seeing. We keep our days to 5 hours of driving; which gave us time for a nice lunch and a relaxing dinner. We found some good restaurants; and some that were OK -- all in all it was an easy trip to Alvarado TX. because we were in front of all the storms. Mother Nature dropped 23 inches of rain on northern Florida the day after we drove through there. In Mobile Al. we had thunderstorms; but no hail. 

Driving.... Driving.... Driving....

Dad keeping up with the daily news....

Coming  into Texas

WE LOVED the RV the minute we saw it. It's a 2014 Entegra Cornerstone with 2015 interior...

Steve's first time at driving - we gave our new home the name

Dad  -- traveling in the RV -- "I could take a nap in this" !!

April 2014 in Florida

Fun at Eric's house....


Fun in the the beach and in Eric's pool

Drive to Lake Okeechobee 
On the road again.................

The lake is huge -- looks like an "ocean"

Love all of Florida...........

At the Shooting Range

Steve shooting Eric's police shot gun

Bette shooting the shot gun

Dad -- shooting a Smith & Wesson, - WOW what a shooter -

Eric and Steve


Poppy (Anne's dog) was her to help me celebrate

Happy to be 62  -- keep the Social Security coming

Sister Peg, Dad, Bro-in-law Mike

Nephew Logan, Fiance Emily

Nephew / Godchild Garrett

Eric, Anne, Dad, Bette, Steve

Friends from FHS I'll be back to Seattle in June

I miss you all -- I'll be back in Seattle in June -- I have such great memories during my time working with you all................

A few pics from 2012....


Pics from 2013


I Miss All of YOU !!!!