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2015 Summer: Travels to Indiana / Michigan

Travels from Florida to Indiana ---- June / July / August 2015

Our first two RV Parks after leaving West Palm Beach Florida were Parks that we had been to before.

Lake City Campground in Florida. Lot # 4 is the best. The water pressure is low and fluctuates 20 - 40 psi. Nice wide long lots easy in and out. The pond with the ducks is still here -- they are serious about their ducks -- don't mess with the ducks, or they will kick you out.
Moss on the trees

More important -- make sure one's Wife is on board !!  We met a couple during our travels and their story was that they stopped at McDonald's and the husband thought his wife was in the back, so he took off -- she was out walking the dog, and imagine her surprise as her husband drives away...... Several miles down the road he realized that he forgot his wife. The next exit off the interstate was 50 miles away, so he illegally pulled across the median to turn around. No police officer saw him, but the truckers sure gave him grief on his CB from the truckers about turning around to go back and get his wife.

Harvest Moon RV Park in Adairsville Georgia. We stayed in lot # 11. Most of the lots are large, all are pull through. Good layer of gravel on the lots. Smaller swimming pool. Always fresh popcorn in the office.
Here is Steve setting up the water, electric and sewer...

 This park has some cool signs.... even one named after our son...

Next RV Park - Nashville I-24 Campground in Smyrna Tn.  We are 30 miles south of downtown Nashville. Some of the lots are close together. Our lot #109 was large, only next to the main road around the park. People are very friendly. The power was fluctuating, and they tried to fix it, even brought out someone from the electric company... Note to self - do not stay here again. Temperatures were in the 90's.

South Louisville KOA campground in Shephardsville Kentucky was our next stop - if we stay here again, we'll ask for lot 280. This was an older park, limited grass mowing, and several long term campers.  If we come through this way again, we'll find a different park, otherwise this is OK for a day or two. 
Our hike along the Salt River


 Found an excellent
Mexican Restaurant -
El Nopal (they are several in this area)

             Pictures in the 


 Did a little site seeing :
          Wine tasting at Wight Meyer Vineyard
                                            - privately owned  15 acre farm

 "Steve selfie"  -- I was sippin' the wine....
 and visited Jim Beam - the tour was full, so we did not wait for the next one... not much of a bourbon fan... apparently the tour is interesting...

Anderson Indiana (60 miles north of Indianapolis) was our next stop at Timberline Valley RV Resort -- Nice big lots...

Steve taking a nap after we washed the RV...
Hiking near the Park ----


Never a dull moment 
with Steve around 

 Hiking along the
White River in 

Mounds State Park
Anderson Indiana

 The 'hill' in the distance is Fiddleback Mound which was build by the Adena-Hopewell people over 2,000 years ago. The mound is shaped like a figure 8 (see below). The mound was used as a gathering place to celebrate community events and to monitor the stars. The Adena-Hopewell people probably lived in the river valley as there is no evidence of their homes near here.

The length of time that the mound was constructed is unknown. An arrangement of posts was placed in the center around 250 B.C. and the final activity was the construction of the log tomb in a small mound on the central platform about A.D. 50
----------------      -----------        ------------         --------------------
We met some lovely people at the RV Park, Janet and Ralph plus their friends who live in Anderson: Beverly and Richard.
Dinner at Bonges and ice cream at Goody's.. Yum Yum  
Bonges was an interesting place -- people will have a tail gate party in the parking lot as they wait for their table inside..  the food is excellent !!!!!

Pic outside the restaurant
Steve, Bette, Janet, Ralph, Beverly, Richard
and inside..they let us behind the bar for the Pic
 July 7th - Arrived at Charlotte Michigan at Spartan Factory for some minor repairs and annual maintenance -- "oil change / lub job
Spartan parking lot -- met several people - exchanged "business cards"; and hope to stay connected or see them again along our travels.
Not too much around Charlotte, interesting Hog on a Hog statue
 --  These signs are everywhere --- serious business... !!

Our favorite house in Charlotte  -
 July 13th - at
Entegra Factory  in Middlebury Indiana (northern portion of In.)  for some repairs -- We discovered over this last year that all the RVs need some fixes. We have a 2 year warranty and will get an extended warranty after that...
(floor tiles need replacing as they were chipped when we bought the RV,   slide outs and awnings needed repair or pieces replaced, etc. Our list was rather long, as Steve is very detailed orientated - which is a good thing.)

Outings around Middlebury -
 River in Elkhart Indiana (some areas in Indiana had extensive crop damage due to flooding late June / early July)

Amish buggies, attending Sunday services, which they do in people's homes
There are lots of horses -- for buggies and work horses
Farm house - the Amish do not have electricity in their homes, the Mennonites use electrical power plus they drive cars.
This is the second largest Amish / Mennonite populated area in the USA. Most populated area is in Pennsylvania.

We toured the RV Museum --  

Here are just a few
pictures from there...



Love the Colors  on this next one !!!!??????

 1913 "Earl Travel Trailer"

1916 Telescoping Apartment -
both side-cabinets slide in and the real section then "telescopes" into the main compartment and is secure for travel. Warm water for the shower is produced by radiator heat from the engine.

 1929 Covered Wagon Trailer

1931 Model AA Ford Housecar
 Built by an unknown custom carriage maker and woodworking artist. Floors are yellow pine, the original had flat benches without backs - the seats you see were added when restored.


We Saw this one in the parking lot -- oh so cute

 Beautiful trees, flowers, in Middlebury Indiana

 -------------------------Walking around the Essenhous Inn-----------

I was fortunate to have the Pumpkin Vine Trail close to where we were staying - I walked on average 3 times per week, 11  to 13 miles per hike to get ready for my walk in Spain starting in Sept.

 The trail was paved, with many trees for shade, the portion of the trail that I took was in the country from Middlebury to Shipshewana 

Views along the Trail

 My shadow.....

Sunrise and fog on the Pumpkin Vine -

Krider Park in Middlebury
-- Garden with a cause - Honors those battling cancer - White for lung cancer, silver for ovarian cancer, gray for brain cancer. Ribbon has 1,105 Dusty Miller plants
 Hebe:  Goddess of youth -- the statue , not me....
One of the many flower quilts in the area

 Reflection Pond

Visited Notre Dame Bascilica 
in Indiana 

There are 2 alters.

 Beautiful University grounds

Party in the Factory Parking Lot.....
              We have met many new RV friends....

 Dave and his wife, Joann
 Lisa and her husband Roy in yellow shirt

Roger and Marcy
Aug 16th, Bette flies to Idaho Falls to meet her GF Nancy, then we'll drive to Seattle; leave for Spain for our 500 mile Camino pilgrimage on Sept. 1st. Steve will spend his time in Traverse City Michigan where he will relax and visit friends and family.
That's all for this blog.. next blog will be out in Jan with my Camino adventures.

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  1. Great photos! We enjoyed a short stop in Shipshewana on our return from Oscoda. Lake Huron and the AuSable River are gorgeous this time of year. Sounds like you really are prepared for this adventure. God Speed!