Saturday, May 30, 2015

2014 Nov to 2015 June Family Events

Spending time with family in Florida -----
Peg (sister) and Mike (bro-in-law) come to visit, eat and play cards ... the guys beat us gals -- need a re-match !!
 Thanksgiving Day - food, cards and relaxation.. 

 and goofing off....  (Steve trying to sleep off the turkey -- Garrett -nephew)

Breakfast at Sailfish Restaurant
 in West Palm Beach with son Eric

Santa enjoying his coffee...

Walking - window shopping Worth Ave. in Palm Beach Fl.

Dec 21st --- Back to Iowa for Jacob's (Grandson) College Graduation at UNL
  Zane - #2 Grandson

 Eric and his two Handsome Sons (our Grandsons - Jacob and Zane)

A few people who came to Jacob's party

Jacob moved in with Eric in Jan -- here he is all dressed up for work at Wellington Hospital as an orderly in Surgery

Bette's 63rd BD Party, in April --

 Garrett (nephew) -- Chef for the day --  At Eric's home...

                                       and Jacob (grill master)

Eric and Harley
Mike (Bro-in- law)  and Steve

Dawn, (Eric GF) Eric, Jacob, Peg, Bette Steve

Steve's 60th BD Celebration ----

 Our VIR (Vacation Inn Resort) Neighbors joined us:
Butch & Marcia -- Lois and Lenny

Angye and Jacob
 Eric and Dawn
 Emily, Logan and Peg (Mike was stuck in Ky on work, Garrett was in New Orleans with a youth group from church as one of the adult chaperons - building houses)

appetizers -- we had chicken & stuffed sole from Joseph's )

At Eric's -- we left Florida on June 19th

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