Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Iowa Oct 2014

We arrived at Nielsen RV Park - I drove from Sioux City Iowa to the park - this was the longest I had driven at one time; plus my first time on a 2 lane road -- all went well -- I kept it between the lines...

Zane (12y/o Grandson) stayed with us the 2 weekends we were in Iowa
 The park is surrounded by trees, which helps with the winds that came through Iowa any time of year. The area for the RVs is away from the road, so we found this to be a peaceful place to stay. The lots are gravel. We used our Jack Pads, so we were not bothered by the rains. The 2 inches of rain one night soaked into the earth under the well established grass, so this was not an issue for us, plus the gravel driveway was dry when we left. The owner is very friendly. We received a discount, which was not posted on the web. The GPS directions are not accurate. Park is located across the road from the Rosman Glendale - Shelby County Golf Course.. which is a lovely course, if you are a golfer, or stop in for a friendly time. 

Jenny and Zane...

Jenny and Craig, - Alisa and Zane

Zane and his Great Grpa Jerry

Zane and I went shopping -- one of Zane's favorite things to do..

 Had a blast trying on hats..

the dark "tattoo" under his eyes are left over from Homecoming.   It's a football thing...

Bette's Dad Jerry and Aunt Sal -- AT THE BAR

 Dad Jerry and Bette's sister Chris -- in the RV - Chris changed jobs and now works for TS Bank in Council Bluffs Iowa - they presented an offer she could not refuse - Way to go Chris
 Steve's brother John and his wife Michelle came to CB (that's Council Bluffs Iowa) to visit us -- at Dad Sheeran's home
Crazy wild shirt - John

  Steve's       Dad 
  -   John 
Step Mom  Linda
 Zane is the one ready for anything !!! Zane had one fantastic tackle during the game, otherwise he just has fun !!

 One big cluster......................

The school in Bette's home town - torn down -- Dad tried to talk us into taking a brick or two back with us -- darn, we just could not find room for it in the RV....
 good bye old school...............................................

 We made a trip to Lincoln Nebr. to see Jacob - he graduates in Dec 2014 - so we'll be making a flight back to the Midwest in Dec. for his graduation ------- I must find my winter coat.. burrrrrrr

Leshia use to work with me in Seattle - now she lives in Hamburg Iowa -- Had a nice visit -- Bette - Leshia - Destiny (her daughter)
 Bette's 4 female cousins came to Dad's house for food and cards -- played guys against the gals - Janie volunteered to be a "guy" as we had one more gal then guy-- she was instrumental in beating the gals...                Dave - Angie - Lola - Rose - Janie - Bill
 Visited with Susie and Bill and their 3 daughters
- Sarah -- Katie -- Megan


I visited my girlfriend DeeDee -- we use to drive to work together -  60 miles -one way - to Methodist Hospital. She still does this 2 - 3 times per week.  What a gal ! 
DeeDee and  her husband Steve are remodeling their kitchen - almost finished !!!!  A good place for a party !!

I also saw my friend Annette - we talked about her sister Nadean who recently died. Prayers to the family and all who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.. There was so much support to Nadean and family - Love the small town support that is given to those in need.  

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