Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Logan and Emily's Wedding Sept 2014

People who attend Logan and Emily's Wedding Sept 6. 2014
Dad (Gerald Bissen), Bob & Mary, Jerry & Pat, Allison (Jerry's daughter) & Zach, Chris & 2 of her children: Ryan & Emily, Bette - her Grandson, Zane, Eric & Anne, Ron - his daughter Faith...

Dale, Julie, Ginny Michael & Megumi, Jessica & Clint

Rehersal Dinner:

Dad and Peg

Emily and her Dad

Logan and his Bro - Garrett

WOW  --- What a kiss-- is that really Logan !!

Emily - Groomsmen & Logan
Emily & her Dad
Best Man & Logan
Peg  with best man - Garrett & Logan
MOM / SON Dance  Oh so sweet
Garrett, Peg, Dad, Mike
 FUN at the Party............

Eric, Anne, Zane

Ryan, Emily, Dad, Zach, Allison, Bob, Pat

Ryan and Zane

Pat, Bob and Mary

Jerry and Pat
 Eric and Anne
 Eric and his Mom - Bette
 Sisters:  Bette, Chris, Peg
 Emily and Allison
 Allison and Zach

 FAITH  --!!!!!!!
Faith and her Dad, Ron

 Ginny and her Brother Michael and his girlfriend, Megumi
 Ginny and her Mom, Julie
 Pat and Jerry

 Clint and Jessica

Mike checking out the cake

 Ryan and Zane
 Eric and Anne
 Julie and Mary

 Dad Having a little problem with his tie...........Eric and Dale trying to help..

Allison and Dad
 Michael and Megumi
 Bob and Zach

 Ryan and Zane -----   LOL

Emily, Logan, Mike, Peg
Gatherings / Parties before & after the wedding

Peg and Chris
Emily & Chris
Faith & Chris

Ryan & Zane - planning Something -- Dad & Mary sharing a laugh  Ginny & Faith

Ginny & Faith -- LOST
Fun in the pool - Ron and Faith

 At Universal Studies

Ryan, Zane, Ron, Faith, Emily

Ryan - Zane - Faith -- YUM, YUM

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