Sunday, February 16, 2014

December 2013 Steve & Grandsons in Florida

mDec 21st - Steve arrived in Florida....
Dec 26 - Jan 4th  Jacob & Zane in Florida:  spent time at the beach, West Palm Beach, Peanut Island and Universal Studio

at Eric's
West Palm Beach..............

West Palm Beach sand tree

Kennedy Bunker
on Peanut Island - this was never used: but was available if Kennedy needed a safe place if he was at his Florida home; which was across the bay from Peanut Island.

door to enter the bunker

Inside the bunker


On top of the lookout on
Peanut Island

Zane took a dip in the water

At Universal Studios 


 in Forrest Gump's shoes......

      a good time was had by all

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