Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Activities in Florida Nov- Dec 2013: Bette & Dad

Places & Adventures:
* Christmas Rockettes Show -Eric & Anne went with us -- A fabulous show
* Juno Beach, Riviera Beach, Hollywood Beach -- 3 beautiful days to sit & relax

* live music in eve at City Park- outside arena lovely 75 degrees
* shooting range- Eric gave us shooting lessons- we had target practice with Eric's 3 guns he uses for work. 2 hand guns & a shot gun
 * Dad rode along with Eric while he was on duty, he watched Eric and another detective arrest one person for possession of drugs, and another situation where a K9 was brought in to search the car - 4 people were arrested 

* several evenings playing cards with Peg, Mike, Garrett, Eric & his friend Anne

 * Weekend at
Logan & Emily's near Orlando. Spent a day at SeaWorld, & played cards  (of course)

* Spent a few hours at The Isle Casino plus, 5 Star Bingo was fun you have computer game cards & paper game cards

* Loggerhead Mariana -- attended a talk about Green Turtles & looked at the turtles on display; they had been rescued

* Enjoyed an afternoon at the West Palm Zoo

 * Sat outside & enjoyed the sunshine -- Bette jumped in Eric's pool one day. Temperatures during the day: 78- 85 degrees; with only a couple of cloudy /rainy days

 * 2 hour cruise on the intercostal waters in the eve. with Peg, Mike, Eric & Anne -- beautiful and relaxing

* saw a couple movies: "Last Vegas" ,    "Captain Phillips"

* Lunch on Singer Island & watched the surf

* Dad survived Costco without getting run over by a shopping cart


 * Explored Loxahatchee Nature Center

 * Celebrated Dad's 88th Birthday

* Enjoyed several good / excellent restaurants:  Carrabbas, Lindenburgers, 2 Drunken Goats, Friendlies, Deck 84, Juno Beach Cafe, Food Shack, Park Ave BBQ, 
Plus:: Moon Cricket Grill & 5 Rivers BBQ (in Orlando with Logan, Emily, Peg)

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