Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 2013--Journey to Iowa from Seattle

Day 1: Nov  5th -- journey to Iowa --  I jumped into our new F150.
( thanks Steve for helping me pack the truck! ), and drove from Seattle to Kellogg Idaho 344 miles. I called Gary & Renee & said "Hi" as I drove past the Yakima exit. A little bit of rain, snow on the evergreen trees, lunch in Spokane - thanks to Subway, fabulous dinner thanks to Noah's restaurant in the beautiful mountains of Kellogg.

Day  2: Nov 6 th --- journey to Iowa --- The Black Knight (AKA- F150) brought me safely to Billings Montana. Drove 461 miles. If you have not traveled across Montana when there is snow on the mountain tops, I highly recommend it!!  A few miles outside of Kellogg, I saw a deer -she was calmly standing by the side of the road-- the Black Knight scared her & she disappeared into the Forrest.  I was amazed at every turn how beautiful Montana is!! Snow-topped mountains, open valleys, scattered clouds, cows, hay bails ( no city stuff here) .....traffic was light so the open road was sweet.....thanks to the Hilton in Billings I enjoyed a relaxing eve & peaceful sleep..

 Day 3: Nov 7 th ---- journey to Iowa --- onward through Wyoming...Signs that indicate that you are in cowboy country~~~~ "Crazy Women Creek". "Dead Horse Creek". " Wild Horse Creek" .I saw a Cowboy herding cattle near Sheridan.  The mountain range south of this valley was fabulous. Lunch in Sundance (I was looking for a 'cowboy saloon' but all that was open was Subway).  South Dakota signs--  "Pleasant Planes Drive", "I -90 closed if light flashing" , " Do not crowd the Plow" !!  There was still snow in the fields from the massive October snow storm that killed 100,000 cattle. I put in 576 miles today -- enjoyed multiple Rock& Roll songs!! Slept in Chamberlain, South Dakota -- crashed would be more accurate!

Day 4: Nov 8th --- journey to Iowa -- on the road by 0730 after breakfast at my American hotel where I stayed. An easy drive to Sioux City (it was very windy, and the Black Knight handled well) - stopped & had the truck washed, lunch at Chili's, filled the Black Knight ($2.77 per gallon!), then headed to my Dad's house - arriving around 3:30 PM for a total of 308 miles.  I was happy to have arrived and will spend a week here in Iowa before heading to Florida with my Dad. I visited Jacob (Grandson #1) in Lincoln Nebr, and Zane (Grandson #2) hung out with me for several days...

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