Saturday, October 5, 2013

Planning for retirement

  Beginning of Retirement.....

Bette & Steve

 Bette retires Nov. 1, 2013 - Leaving her co-workers --- REALLY tough!! She worked with some of the most compassionate and Wonderful people in the universe!!!!! Steve & Bette will be traveling and posting their travels on this BLOG -- and we will be back in the Seattle area during the summer months; YET I (Bette) will be missing my dear girlfriends in Washington State.... :( So coming back for the summer will be one long celebration and reunion of friends!!

Current Plans:  

Nov 5, 2013: Bette drives to Iowa, picks up her Dad and drives to Florida - near West Palm Beach/ Fort Lauderdale to be with son Eric & Bette's sister, Peg & family live a couple miles from Eric. ETA: A few days before Thanksgiving. The Grandsons, Jacob (22) and Zane (12) will join us for Christmas.

Jan 5 - 25th 2014: Bette/Steve; John(Steve's Dad)/Linda(Step-Mom); Ann (Steve's sister)/ Ron (Ann's friend) will be on a cruise through the Panama Canal. Arriving in San Diego- then we will fly to Seattle. 

Jan 26- March 26th 2014 - Bette/Steve will be in the Seattle area -- Steve will retire no later then March 21st

March 27 - April 1 2014 -- In Kona with friends Nancy/Dave & Chris/Bob. Then Bette & Steve will fly to Florida and hang out with Eric & Peg/Mike.


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  1. Great blog Elizabeth. I am really looking forward to traveling and sightseeing with you :). Love from your husband