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2017 Summer: Florida to Seattle

June 2, 2017 -- We left WPB  / VIR after saying Good-Bye to Marcia / Butch & Judie / Del. We said Good-bye to Joyce & Tom the previous night -- Joyce is recouping nicely after her knee surgery.  

 Going out the front gate......

 A nice day for travel - drove 318 miles to Lake City Campground, (we are still in Florida).  I had made reservations at Lake City Campground; but when we arrived - no reservation... Hummmm. I had called the Lake City Resort ( use to be the IN & OUT RV Park) by mistake. The Campground had a spot for us, and I called the Resort and they cancelled our reservation without charging us. Yeah !!  The Lake City Campground plans to change their name - the IN & OUT was sold and the new owner changed the name to Lake City Resort. That was not very nice of the new owner... We paid $32.26 and the water and elect. is OK.  Only stayed 1 night here - not much to do in Lake City, and we had been here before...
                                    Love this tree in front of the office

June 3 & 4 - drove 98 miles - to Tallahassee RV Park - I had asked for a 2 night reservation; but when we arrived, at 1400,  she thought we only wanted 1 night   We were fortunate - a 5th wheel who had planed on staying for a month, had left early as he wanted to beat the rain. So far the skies were clear. This is an OK Park. We stayed on Lot #9 - level  pad with non-sappy trees. $45 per night. Water & Electricity are OK.

We took off looking for the I-MAX theater and ended up in a downpour of rain. Fortunately, the directions lead us to a covered parking lot; and the restaurant --Harry's Seafood Bar & Grill-- was next to the I-MAX. Harry's is where I wanted to eat at -- how lucky can one get... The I-MAX show that I wanted to go to was not playing at this time, so we went to Harry's to eat. The Jamboli was very good. 

    The next day we toured the Car museum; which was more then a Car museum -- they had the largest pocket knife collection in the USA, a Vampire Kit, several piano's, including the first one ever to be in the White House.

The museum was not just cars..................Vampire Kit


President Lincoln's hearse 

                     Bat Mobile and Robin's bike

June 5 & 6 (Monday / Tues)
 Drove 225 miles which put us at Shady Acres RV Park, Mobile AL. - $27 per night. Nice Oak trees.  Excellent Water 80 PSI,  Good elect and WiFi. We arrived early afternoon and went to:   A&M Peanut Shop - Bought mixed nuts, chocolate covered pecans and peanuts in the shell; which we fed some to the squirrels in the nearby park. Plus a little time to play cards.

Day 2, we visited Fort Gaines - very nice -- lots of history connected to the Civil War and War of 1812. Admiral Farragut defeated the Confederates and he is known for his slogan: "Dam the torpedoes, full speed ahead" (Navy Slogan). That night we experienced heavy rains which started at 7 PM. They predicted flooding; --- none near us. 

Yup -- it's the latrine 

Wed morning: June 7th--- easy hookup and on the road by 0845. After the New Orleans area the road surface was way bumpy for many miles - Ahhhhhhhhhh. .  After Lafayette
the road was better 

June 7 & 8: Arrived at A-1 RV Park & Motel : Sulphur LA; which was a 335 mile drive. Cost here was: $40 per night. Concrete pad, backed into a lot next to a  pond - lovely fountain. Good power / electrical. Cell reception great - 4G / 5 bars. A lovely evening - good temperature for a walk.
Relaxed and washed cloths.

June 9th - took off at 1030 only needed to drive for 2 1/2 hours (130 miles) - roads just inside Texas were rather rough on I-10, then ran into some construction - took Hyw 105 which was a niece 2 lane road - smooth with little traffic. Stayed at Forest Retreat in New Caney, Texas (just north of Houston) for 3 nights. This was a lovely Park with several trees, wide streets, cement pads, good water/ Elec. $50 / night

 We found several places to go hiking.. Lovely --saw a red stripped small snake on the trail - did not ask him if he was poisonous. 

We drove to Livingston Escapees RV Park to see what that looked like - some year we'll come back here and volunteer -- the Park is set as an Assisted Living Facility. 

We visited with Patrick & Jane Sheeran & their children Bryce, Tommy and Jack on Sat. afternoon

 Tommy and Jack (youngest)

                   Patrick, Bryce, Tommy, Jane, Jack

Sunday June 11th: we took a lovely walk (3 - 4 miles) around Lake Houston Park in the morning. There was a nice breeze, and many trees. Afternoon temps were near 90. The rest of the day was relaxing and we sat outside in the evening.

Monday June 12th -- The Rec Hall had several exercise DVDs. So I tried the workout with Denise Austin. We drove 40 miles south of Houston and booked one night at All Star RV Resort with plans to see friends Karen & Mike, then will take off in the morning. This is an ok Park, if sight seeing in Houston - wide streets, cement pads, good water, electric and WiFi. Nice swimming pool. $54 / night.

Karen had a mandatory meeting, so she stopped by after work - we gave her a lesson RV-ing 101

Morning of June 13th (Tues) we called into a Board Meeting for VIR owners, so it was --- AM before we headed down the road.for our 260 mile trek, traveled west and north of Houston

June 13 & 14th: Stayed at Buckhorn Lake Resort, Kerrville Tx. Kerrville is in the "hills" of Texas - very pretty place.
$43 per night.

                   Lovely Sunsets

June 15 - Drove 238 miles - We found a nice rest stop on the way and stayed One night at Fort Stockton RV Park. $34 per night. We are still in Texas

June 16 & 17 Terrin was dessert on our way to Carlsbad RV Park , New Mexico - arrived after a 144 mile nice drive. 
Cost: $39 / night.

We drove to Roswell to see the Alien Museum -- FUN

 The road from Carlsbad RV park to the Caverns was a nice elevation,, with rocks.

At the entrance of the cave, if walking down, there is an amphitheater - we'll come back here this eve.
when the bats fly out.

Decent is 80 stories -- a twisty winding trail 

- I had my hiking poles. 

Inside the cave are large rooms, a cafe and
an elevator to take us back up

June 18 & 19 :  -- Still in New Mexico after 270 miles. Very different types of terrain on our way to Kira RV & Horse Hotel in Bosque N.M.   $27 per night (cash). There were no horses at the hotel.

The reason for stopping here was to go see THE VERY LARGE ARRAY -- seen in the movie "Contact" ----- Amazing !!

We also found the Cibola Nat'l Park

Then back to desert........................

And beautiful sunsets...............

June 20 & 21: 102 miles to: Santa Fe Skies RV Park, Santa Fe, N.M. Beautiful skies along the way............... We wanted to check out the Mysterious Staircase.  $45 / night.

We visited the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

 The oldest church in the USA

Our RV Park was located up on a hill, with a hiking path around the perimeter. We had some gorgeous sunsets.

Breakfast on the patio

June 22:  283 miles to: OK RV Park, Holbrook AZ - one night  stay -- More desert and sage brush -- and a few dinosaurs found along the way. 

Wide open park, level cement pads.... $36 / night
and fabulous sunsets !

June 23 - 27 - 158 miles to:  Eagle View Park , Fort McDowell - via Highway 87 - a very lovely drive. 

At the RV Park  all the pads were cement - lovely park, on the edge of Fountain Hill $40 / night. No need to reserve the "dulux view sites", as they all have a nice view. Plus there were wild horses roaming near us and Road Runners.

-- We spent several days with Joe and Kathy...

Kathy's Parents - Kathy and Joe - at Kathy's house

We drove just north of Phoenix to Cave Creek AZ.  to see Justin (son of our x-neighbors when we lived near Seattle) and Savannah and their baby - Regan 

Lovely Drive to their home -- 

Visited twice with brother Jim, Niece Star, and Issac
and their son Koal

The Drive to Tortilla Flats (population: 6) just East of Phoenix

 Colorful Saloon -- the walls were plastered with $1 bills

Colorful Ladies Bathroom also..............

WE also visited with Ray (x-coworker of Steve's) and his wife

Desert Sunset

June 28 - July 1: 163 miles to: Flagstaff KOA - very tight corners / narrow roads, most lots very undeveloped. After the 3rd try we found a lot that was "OK". $50 per night. We had a tough time finding a place to stay as it was so close to the holiday. 
Explored the area -- so beautiful 

Wukoki National Park

Crater Volcano Park - near Flagstaff


Ride on the Sky Lift up to San Francisco Mountain

A short but steep hike to the top................

Elevation from bottom to top - 2,000 feet.  -- hazy in the distance, due to forest fire near Sedona

Cattle Guard -- only painted strips which stop
the cattle from crossing

Life in the desert........

Beautiful drive from Flagstaff Az. to Panguitch Utah
via Highway 89 North

July 2 - 6: 269 miles to: Hitch N Post RV Camp Panguitch Utah - $32.50 / night. In town, restaurants within walking distance. 

Lovely sunsets due to the haze of the forest fires
 The day we checked in a fire was 5 miles away -- 65 % contained and heading away from us.

We  Explored Bryce and Red Canyon.

           Red Canyon -- After entering Highway 12 from Highway 89 and driving a short distance we came to Red Canyon -- WOW !!!!  We hiked the short 2 mile loop through the Canyon . A great start to seeing the beauty in this area. 

Highway 12 is approximately 140 miles long - lots to see here - we only "scratched" the surface of exploration - plans are to come back for a couple months and hike and drive through the area. 

Bryce Nat'l Park

                  Arch in the Desert -- Traveled on the                Kodachrome Road, the 10 miles on a dirt road

Kodachrome road was well named !  gorgeous sites !!

We traveled 6 miles down a dirt road so we could walk through a Slot Canyon

July 7, 8, 9 -- 228 miles to: Mountain Valley RV Park, Herber City Utah - $62 / night. 5 Star resort. 

-- near Steve's cousins in Park City - Jim & Julie Sheeran

Pat & Donna Sheeran and daughter Mason plus Shea and her daughter Kelsey

                        Sites near Park City, Utah

July 10, 254 miles to: 

Anderson Camp Eden Idaho $34 / night 

Sights along the way.................

July 11, 12: 154 miles to: Ambassador RV Resort, Caldwell Idaho $37 / night  -- sights along the way................

             Lovely sunset ................

-- Visiting Cindy & Dick (Cindy is Linda Sheeran's sister) and Dick's Mom  - Kay

Visiting Conleth  (Steve's Cousin) & her husband, Regan 

July 13, 14: 290 miles to: Wine Country RV Park, Prosser WA. $38 / night

Sites along the way to Prosser --- 

Crossing the Columbia River

Yakima River in Prosser

It's a new restaurant in town 

 Prosser is in Wine Country -- we found some lovely country side around the town -
rocks plus Vineyards which need irrigation.

July 15, 2017 -- 174 miles, arrived in Issaquah Village RV Park, Issaquah Wa. -- 
Sites along the way to Issaquah.
-- coming into Yakima Valley - hazy in the distance.

70 miles from Issaquah we start seeing the mountains.

Issaquah Village RV Park - an older park - advantages: Close to my two girlfriends, Chris and Nancy; a hiking trail right outside our front door which leads to a forest trail or into Issaquah downtown or up a hill to Issaquah Highlands which is where my favorite restaurant is THE RAM...

Views from the hiking trail


We were very fortunate that our second 

Grandson Zane came to visit us for 2 weeks.

Here are a few places that we explored with him...............

Trip to Mt. Rainier - Sunrise 
stopped at Black Diamond Bakery for coffee and donuts.

Road to Sunrise -------------

---- 4 mile hike up the mountain and around the top of Sunrise

 -------3.5 mile hike on Cougar Mountain  - near Issaquah

  ------------ Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island

--- Snoqualmie Falls View from the top
Falls is 270 feet 

 --- View from the bottom - hiked down approx 0.5 miles

              ---- The river, downstream from the falls

     --------  Zane climbed on the rocks in the river

                          It was a hot day, so we
rested on the way up the steep hill ...

We Celebrated my friend Chris's Birthday ...
out to eat at Coho Restaurant in Issaquah

 --------- Zane took golf lessons - so Chris, Zane and I went golfing - my first time ever -- lots of fun.

             ----  Zane had a Par 3 on the last hole

Zane and I had fun at the driving range.....


  ----------  Chris, her husband, Bob, Zane & I 
                                                 at a Mariner's game

Goofing off on one of our shopping trips............  :)

To the top of the Space Needle in Seattle....

Lake Union

Puget Sound

                                     *****  we rode the DUCKS ******

Tour of the Mariner's Baseball Stadium

One of our many walks to the Issaquah Highlands 
- 3 miles round trip

At THE RAM - after eating wings, we shared desert
-- cookie with ice cream and hot fudge...

                                  Ferry ride to Vashon Island --

Walked on the beach on Vashon Island

 Zane loves wings -- we ate at WING STOP in Renton -- messy.... and yummy

Eating Wings in our RV -- with latex gloves ...

Zane arrived with light brown hair 

AND left with bleached blonde hair ---

a surprise for his MOM..

  Zane and I had several evenings playing cribbage -- He won approximately 17 games out of 20 ... he was unbelievably lucky

We were blessed to have Zane with us for 2 weeks
 -- looking forward to our next adventure
with this wonderful young man

People we saw while in the Seattle area:

--- Jennifer - Steve's Step-Sister and dog Maggie
 We had several visits with Jennifer -- So glad to see your apartment and spend time with her....

April and Christopher - at Issaquah Brewhouse

 Walking Rustin Way with friend Keren  :)

 Hanging with Girlfriends:  Nancy Chris and Lisa

Hanging out with Ann
Steve's sister

With Rick and Nancy & Dave at Brewhouse

 Amy gave me a new Hair-do

A few of my x-coworkers and still my friends  
-- Julie, James, Tena

Deb Alicia Pat and me

Maggie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





So wonderful to see you all and unfortunately missed several other friends FHS
My dear friend Sheila !!  
We also met Jim, her husband on this trip 

Our x- neighbors
Larry / Kathy & Susan / Jeff

An evening with Gloria - Joe's Mom

 A great day with Joe and Kathy -- in Seattle: 

Lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Pike's Market

Space Needle - seeing the Terracotta Warriors


Rode the Seattle Wheel

Dinner on the waterfront 

 Steve and I exploring some areas we use to visit in the Puget Sound are   -------  Ruston Way

On the Olympic Peninsula 

Walking around Issaquah ---
The day of the eclipse

Frank and JoAn -- having fun in Frank's new car

Nancy's birthday party -------------

Nancy's family - Jess, Wes, Dave, Erica Richard

Painting with Chris and her
 2 Daughter - in - laws :  Kathy  and Beth 

Several outings with Chris and Nancy -- Celebrated Chris's Birthday - Lunch at Snoqualmie Falls, Shopping at Dick's, hiked up Little Si, ended up in a bar in Issaquah.

AT Natalie Merchant Concert

Sept. 12th Steve and I headed East ............................  
Bye for now Seattle

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