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2015 Winter and 2016 Spring Events

We arrived at VIR (Vacation Inn Resort) the beginning of Nov. 

Winter of 2015 /2016 Did not have the best beginning.... 
John - Steve's Dad passed away after 2 days of being in the hospital. 

We spent 7 weeks in Iowa Nov / Dec time frame. We celebrated my Dad's 90th Birthday. 
We are so happy that Dad is doing so well -- he started going to the health club.  What a guy!
 A few pics of people at Dad's BD Party..

Zane  -- Steve & Bette

Chris and Dad
 Cousins Rosie, Janie, Bob (Brother)  Dad , Ed
 Cousins: Sally and Margie 
 Brother Dale and his wife Julie
 Cousin Carol and hubby, Phil

Sister Lori and Tom
 Cousin Diane and Al
 Neighbor - Melvin
 Brother Ron and Melissa
 Brother Jim and his friend Kenny
 Pat - Brother Jerry's fiancee --  Jerry's 2 middle girls: Meghan and Michaela
Ginny (Dale/ Julie)  and Hannah (Jerry)
 Brother Jerry - and Mike (Peg's hubby)
Sister Peg 
 Nieces and Nephews: Blake, Faith, (Melissa / Ron) Emily & Andrew (Chris / Dave)
 Mary - Bob's wife on the right and Mary's sister Joann

Nephew Michael (Dale/ Julie)  - Bob and Dad
 DAVE -- Chris's hubby

Chris and nephew Garrett (Peg/ Mike)

Nephews: Robbie  Jeff  Doug (Mary / Bob ) -- brother -- Randy is missing in action --

                                Randy - Chelsea - son Ben 

                     and their Daughter - Evy

           Nephew: Tom and Lea and Leo (Lori / Tom)

 Tom (Lori's hubby) and there youngest son:  Jon & Alie

Dad and Zane :)

Niece Samantha and hubby Bryan

At Dad's home with his sister Sal plus Bob &  Joann and Bill

Christmas  DAY -- 2015

 Lori Peg Jim Dale Dad Bob Melissa
 Michaela  Hanna   Pat   Megan
  Andrew Brooks Doug Liz
Jess Maddox Jeff
 Faith   Robby  Jaeden, Keagan 

   Happy Day --------------------------

We attended a couple of Zane's Basket Ball games -- Zane # 10

Dec 28, 2015 - we, along with Zane flew to                    West Palm Beach -- 
        -- Zane will be here  until Jan 4th

All dressed up for VIR New Year's Party...  :)

New Year's at Eric & Dawn's 

 Jan / Feb in West Palm was cooler then normal -- we spent very few days at the beach during this time...  

 Parties at VIR -- Ann / Ken

 George & Carol

Audrey and Dan

Charlie & Barb

Bernie & Lucy

Deann & Bob

 Jeanie / Bill
Game Night -- Marcia, me, Lenny, Butch, Lois

At Bimini Twist:  Jim / Maryse, Butch / Marcia, Steve / Bette, George / Carol, Judi, Del

 Sylvia & Fred

Arlin & Jo  + Us out to eat at  Guanabanas

Rudy & Pat
Judi & Del
Marcia & Butch
 Burt & Marie

Fun Events by Steve and Bette 

Jupiter Lighthouse


At the Beach - Singer Island - Marc and Merae

Lake Worth Beach

Hanging out on our Patio at VIR
 Sunset at VIR

Sunrise on Riviera Beach - 0630-- we had Breakfast at Johnny Longboat's 

Easter at Eric's Marie and Bert joined us -- Peg / Mike, Steve , Jacob, Garrett, Dawn and Eric

April - Bette's BD celebration - Stayed at Hilton on Hollywood Beach -- Ann & Ron are in town (they are heading to Russia on a cruise) 
Sunrise on Hollywood Beach

Ann and Steve

April 22 -- Dawn and Eric's wedding - on the Beach in Del Ray

Sunfest 2016

Bird Watching with Marcia and Butch
 Plus saw an Alligator 

To Daytona with Peg and Bridgett to watch the sail boat race
Mike - bro in law - was part of the ground crew

The Girls -- fun in the sun

 At Roger Dean Stadium - Minor league Cardinal Ball game 
with Marcia and Butch plus sister Peg

Fireworks after the game

                               Zane flies to Florida for 3 weeks in June

    At Journey and Doobie Brother's outdoor concert
                           with Eric, Dawn Jacob and Zane

On our way to Disney Hollywood studies

We all enjoyed our day 
-- they have a very fast roller coaster -- rattled my teeth.....

We stayed at The Swan Hotel 
- Near Hollywood Studios & Epcot
 (we saved Epcot for next year)

                   Sister Peg's family 
           -- Mike / Peg, Logan / Emily, Garrett
       (in the Man Shed)

 Steve's 61st Birthday Celebration

Zane and Bette - At Boomer's 
- played laser tag and arcade games

At Vacation Inn Resort (where our 5th wheel sits on our lot) 
 -- Exercising...

at one of the Nature Centers near West Palm Beach

at Fun Depot in Lake Worth -- more arcade games

 eating Pizza at Vic & Angelo's in Palm Gardens

at Palm Beach Science Center

Wind tunnel

 Zane and Jacob......

Pictures of our 5th Wheel

We will be heading to Iowa July 9th --We will have time to spend with Zane while we are there...  :) 
  This is the end of this blog... 

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